Why Is Blood Called The River Of Life?


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I've never heard it called that but it makes perfect sense. It's the bloodstream that keeps us up and doing. Blood stops, life stops. Easy peasy.

But your question reminded me of a jingle-writing contest for the Australian Blood Bank (we don't get paid to donate here; it's all voluntary). It was won by a Catholic nun who coined the very catchy "Blood gives life: Give blood."

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Blood is the one who brings and takes oxygen to our body and takes away things like carbon dioxide. That is why blood is the river of live.
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What do you mean

if you mean why is blood considered the river of life

it is because without it we would not be alive and it flows through our bodies like a river
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Blood transports varius subtances from one part of the body to anothere by continuos flowing through a closed system of blood vessels known as the circulatory system.the blood flow is known as blood circulation.

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