Why Do Hands & Feet Swell At Night?


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There may be many reasons why you may wake up in the morning with swollen feet and hands. If you are worried or have been experiencing these symptoms you may be best advised to go to see your doctor as you may have some underlying health problems.

Usually the symptoms you are describing point to signs of excess water retention. Perhaps you are drinking too much water or your body may be struggling to process it and that is why it is retaining so much of it. On the other hand, this could also point to high blood pressure from having a diet rich in fast food and too much salt, especially before going to bed. In fact, having excess salt in your diet can cause real problems with your heart and blood pressure.

If your hands and feet are sore or difficult to move when you wake up this could also be a symptom of arthritis developing in your joints. In addition, if you are overweight this may also be putting added pressure on your joints that could contribute to the swelling in your hands and feet.

Without knowing details of your medical history and factors such as your age, height and diet it is very difficult to pinpoint one specific condition you could be suffering from. The best course of action is to speak to your doctor about your problem.
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It may seem like they swell at night, but the reason is gravity, yes being in a standing position, and doing a lot of walking, the blood will rush downwards. That is why they say it is best to buy shoes late in the day to compesate for swelling. If you buy in the morning, blood has not rushed to vital organs yet, so by the end of the day, you will be in pain. That is why you should elevate legs if sore and sleeping because gravity is not working against you will reduce swelling

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