How Much Do Drug Dealers Earn?


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Depends The more you promote your merchandise the more you sell = more profit
it also depends how much you pay for the drugs
lets say you buy 1 pound of High quality marijuana for 3,500$
and to make profit you sell it by ounces at 300 $ each
you can probably get a to a total of 5000$ if you are lucky
(and not set back by police,thieves or self consumption)
but don't think its that easy to get rid of the drugs , you need to have good/many customers

Lets just put it this way , its not worth it
when I was a kid I thought, wow I want to sell drugs
its not half as cool as it sounds
too much risk
Ive been in the drug game and know the ups and downs
final conclusion - its not worth it - its like working for someone else because at the end of the line when you go to jail or get killed some one else or the government end up wasting the money you earned by risking you life and liberty so long.
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It depends man. Honestly you need to be low key. Start a family. Set yourself up for sucess. First, start going to night clubs buy bottles from a promoters and tip them with that clean. Second, if its fire let them know you willing to front them a 1/2. Show love and they will show it back. Alway let someone else take the spot light for you and remember circle the block.Sell it for cheap $650 multiply by 4 a week equals $10400 a month & thats just four a week. Its a risk, but so is crossing the streets
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How much a drug dealer makes, specifically a medical marijuana dealer, depends on how much they want to make. If you want $100 daily, then that´s how much you´ll make. If you want to see bigger digits that´s also available. The markets are huge, and most of them are unsatisfied, constantly going through shortages.

This article is refering to the runners that work on the street for the real dealer, they´re being utitlized and pimped. If I were one of those guys I would look for a new market to work, one where you keep your own profit.

Obviously risk is relative, many times it´s safer to be in the background as a wholesale dealer than to be a front dealer who actually sells to the public.

If you make it a mission to never lose a customer, top customer satisfaction, your business will grow and grow. To the point where you´re going to need to hire help, delegate responsibilities to others. You will realize that a 40 hour work week 5 days a week is a God given natural law. If you overwork yourself chasing the cash you´ll end up with a downtime, sickness, because you´re body needs rest.

I´m working hard to make medical marijuana into an accesible commodity for all, not just a scarce luxury item.

Legalize it everywhere,

Bottom line is, a dealer makes as much or as little as he wants to make.
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Usually less than minimum wage, it seems.

Not many illegal drug gangs publish their accounts. However, a maverick economist (Steven Levitt) was lucky enough to get some detailed financial records for a Chicago gang dealing crack cocaine in the 1980s (described in his book Freakonomics).

Most gang members were street-corner dealers, who gained very little profit for their time. They had about the same take-home pay as somebody on minimum wage. And had to put up with the hazards of violence from rival drug gangs, volatile clients and a strict discipline regime within the gang. The low pay is why most of them still lived with their mothers.

Occasionally a street-corner dealer would get promoted to a deputy, with some management duties, earning 2-3 times as much as minimum wage.

Only very rarely might a deputy get promoted to be Gang Boss, who earned a moderately well-paid salary, comparable to a senior university lecturer or upper-management in a medium-sized company.

The Gang Boss reported (and paid dues to) a Board of Directors who oversaw crack distribution in the Chicago area. We don't know what these individuals earned, but probably they had other criminal interests supplementing their incomes. And almost certainly there were more individuals in the supply chain further up, the people who really make a fortune out of drug-dealing.
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Roughly about $150 000 to $250 000 per year but thats if business goes well.. Why you asking?? Wana sell?
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I believe that street drug dealers are the worst people to buy weed from, because you never know if it's decent and you may change several dealers to find the one with a good product. That's why I decided to start buying Cbd hemp flower for sale from a licensed platform, and I can be sure that my CBD is always high quality.

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Well lets put it this way, you can buy a qp of bud here for five hundred nd move tht on out if you dime it for roughly 1200, but if you can get it from somewhere else you can get a half pound for six hundred and make about 2400 off of it, it all depends on the amout of customers adn the price you pay, nd also how long you are willing to sit on your product... It takes money to start up also becsue you wont get any where buying small amouts nd moving them you need to go big or go home my nigs
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The article is right...the average drug dealer does not make more than minimum wage employees. Gangster rap music, hip hop culture, and congruent media often displays the most successful drug dealers, and thus the misconception. What attracts young men to the game is financial ignorance, not knowing the distinction between having money and having wealth. A pair of Jordan's and a hoop-tie with rims does not go up in value. On top of that, the prestige of being self employed is also a draw. Drug dealing, like any other form of business ownership takes the ceiling off of your income potential. That explains why the most business savvy, financially smart ones have used the trade to create generational wealth. My guess is that only 1 in 10,000 drug dealers reach that level. But you go try telling these young 15 to 21 year old minorities that...they will flash their gold teeth and laugh you right off the block.
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Actually they do not make as much as you would think. The hours of operation, the lack of benefits, and the constant stress involved turn out measly profits.   I personally know low level dealers, mid and high level dealers and distributors, but for the sake of this post, I will focus on the lower level.   They turn an average of 10,000 to $15,000 annually (in the North West US mind you.)   This is working full time. We are talking being available on weekends and holidays.   To put into perspective, this comes out to roughly $5 an hour (keep in mind this is the lower level street pushers).   Minimum wage in the state of Washington currently sits at   $8.55.
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The assumptions that drug dealers make minimum wage is false.  Most of the answers to this question are by persons who are taxed.  Bad assumption on my part, but I think true.  Cash at the street level is passed up to higher level management, then distributed via other persons.  Most never make a dime.  But some are well paid.  The one variable that Levitt does not account for is time.  If you average the amount paid by dealing drugs over time it is linear from years alive past age 25.  I have no data to back this up.  Again, a non taxable income would never make minimum wage.  Would a street hustler really accept less than the car wash attendent?
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Depends, thats a really generic more specific/what drugs/what country ect.
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It depends, if you sell it 2 peeps who got a real job then yeah, but if your sellin it 2 peeps who r livin off the books then you 1 broke mothafucka

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