What Can Cause Spontaneous Bruising?


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There are a number of reasons that can cause spontaneous or unexplained bruising. The most likely causes include blood or clotting disorders, an adverse effect to medication, poor nutrition or a family history with this condition.

Generally there is no major problem caused by unexpected bruising but if it is persisting or causing concern, your doctor should be to carry out a blood test to identify the problem and also provide treatment to reduce the problem.

In terms of nutrition, spontaneous bruising can be the result of a deficiency of vitamin C or K and can be overcome through pills or increasing your natural intake of these vitamins through eating more broccoli, strawberries, eggs, fish and meat. A change of diet can be a much more effective remedy rather than reminding yourself to take pills.

Age can also be a factor in spontaneous bruising with older people more likely to suffer due to thinner blood. The reason behind this is that older adults, and also young children, have less fat under their skin which offers protection against bruising.

Taking medication such as aspirin can have knock-on effects that lead to bruising, this type of medication will thin your blood, making you more liable to suffer from unexpected bruising.

Overall, there is no identifiable single element involved in spontaneous bruising with a number of different factors involved in the cause.

By remedying the cause you can reduce the risk of bruising and also improve your health in general. A bruise is a sign of a problem or warning and should be addressed and looked into if there is no obvious reason for its appearance.

There will almost certainly be a cause of the bruising and a blood test is most likely to highlight the issue. Your doctor should be more than happy to suggest a remedy for this frustrating issue.
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Spontaneous bruising can occur due to many different blood disorders, such as anaemia of which there are many types. it can also occur naturally in old age due to normal wear and tear of the body parts. In most cases, it is nothing that cannot be corrected by mineral or vitamin suppliments. So , go see your physician and he can sort you out.
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Thin blood maybe new medication do not take aspirin

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