How Or When Do You Remove The Umbilical Cord From A New Born?


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Your best bet is to leave the cord alone, I know when I was breeding dogs that is what we did they will dye up and fall off as for the feed, you will need to get a bottle or syringe and I know pet smart sell a powder that is like the mothers milk and that will help make her stronger but you are going to be in for along few weeks best luck and the runts are the best I think.
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To tell you the truth, I'm not sure about the cord, but I do know for a fact that marijuana stays in your system longer when your pregnant. It's usually last 30 days, but with the baby it might be 45 days. You must be careful. The baby can be tested for drugs and that can be a bad situation.
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My best bet for you to leave the cord alone. The cord will begin to dry an fall off
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Your best bet would be to call a 24 hour vet, and see what they say about cutting the cord. I think, if memory serves me correct, you should pinch it about 1/4 inch, and try to get it cinched off with something that isn't going to pull at it, or get stuck on it.
To feed the kitten, you need to use either a syringe or a bottle that you get from the major pet chain store, and some milk formulated for them.
This is most likely a runt, and sometimes the mothers won't raise them. I never give up on them, I have literally sat up with them for almost 2 days trying to make them live.
It's heart wrenching, and sometimes, if the baby gets strong enough, the mom will start to take care of them again.
But if mom won't do that, then you should be willing to try your darnedest to help it survive. Be prepared to feed it several times throughout the day and night, and after the 6 week mark, you need to train it to go to the litter box.
All you have to do then, is place it in the box several times a day for several days if need be. I wish you the best of luck, sometimes, the runt is the best one out of the litter. I know from personal experience.
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the only female cat i have just had a baby and left it to be alone wont feed it wont claim it so now i am taking care of it but i don't know how exactly. any advice on how to do this the right way so it wont die... everyone is telling me to just let the mother eat it or give it away or throw it away but i am attached to it so I want it for myself since i found it. I don't know what to do??????? so please anyone out there i need help... the baby is only like 3-4 days old I don't know what to do?
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Why is there thc in it to begin with. You should be locked up!

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