Itchy Bottoms Of Feet And Palms Of Hands. What Could Be The Cause?


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I used to break out on my left hand between my fingers and it started going down my hand.. It was little blisters that itched bad and would dry out like eczema--- it turns out I was allergic to something. I never found out what exactly but I stopped wearing jewelry, using any scented lotion etc., and used hydro-cortisone excessively. It went away completely. Hope this helps.
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Sorry to say but this sounds like scabies , get to your doctor as soon as you can , anti-biotic cream will work
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Yep I guarantee that is scabies....My 4 yr old twin Grandsons got that from their cousins who moved in with their Mom and they started out just like that and then they also got the secondary infection staph which caused the boils... Took medicine and antibiotics...
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I have had this happen to me before when I was allergic to something it was very unpleasant to say the least,try taking benadryl if that takes care of the problem then it might have been just that.
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Delayed pressure urticaria - Pressure urticaria may occur immediately (within minutes) after a pressure stimulus2 ; however, more commonly, pressure urticaria develops after a delay of 4-6 hours after a pressure stimulus; hence, the designation delayed pressure urticaria (DPU) is used. The wheals may last for 8-72 hours. The hands, feet, trunk, buttocks, legs, and face are the most common areas affected. Lesions can be induced by a variety of stimuli, including standing, walking, wearing of tight clothes, or sitting on a hard surface.

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Depending on where you live, if climate cold, it could be due to lack of circulation and too much exposure when you come home.  For swelling, elevate legs, and for itching, there are many creams and powders available on the market to help this.  If standing all day, best to elevate, if sitting all day, lower chair or move around, stand and walk around a bit every few hours. If condition gets worse, check with doctor for circulatory problems, may just need simple aspirin
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Possibly nervous or have you been working in the yard ? Could be poison ivy or something you are a allergic to.
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If the itch is accompanied by a rash, the commonest conditions would be eczema, psoriasis or fungal infection.You need to see a doctor, podiatrist or dermatologist if you are still having these symptoms.

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