How Many Muscles Is In The Human Body?


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There are a total of about 70,000 muscles in a human body. But approximately 640 which are skeletal muscles within the typical human are known perfectly almost every muscle in the human body constitutes one part of a pair of identical bilateral muscles and this makes it almost approximately 320 pairs of muscles.

Other than these 650 named muscles thousands of smaller unnamed muscles are also present.
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There is a book, greys anatomy, no not the show, were the map of the body is included. Every little bit is in diagrams.  Best to know for sure is go to google, key in "ask Jeeves" a simple search engine and ask your question there.  Then you know for sure you are getting the right answer
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The muscles in the human body varies, depends on the person . some books list 640. There are no proof of the exact amount of muscles in the body.

There are 656- 850 muscles in the human body. Like I said it varies, leaving out some of the other muscle structure.
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Scientist dispute there is between 620 and 800 muscles in the human body.
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There are about 640 muscles in a human body.they are skeletal muscles,smooth muscles and cardiac muscles.
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Well I`m not exact but I'm pretty sure there is between 620 and 800 muscles in your body not ten nor 640

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