What Is Treatment Of Ringworm In Human?


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Ringworms are generally caused due to fungi known as Trichophyton and Microsporum. In order to treat them you have to simply apply topical anti-fungal creams. One of the regular known treatments is over-the-counter clotrimazole also better known as Lotrimin or Mycelex, which needs to be applied for at least twice a day to the skin around it. But however, I would still recommend you to ask your doctor for a medical advice.

Generally treatment goes on for upto a month. However, for the first two weeks you will not find any kind of changes it only takes place slowly and gradually. You can use these creams as they are very much recommended but incase you do not find any kind of healing after two weeks then it is time that you visit the doctor.
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Ringworm is actually fungal infection and can be treated by use of medicines belonging to class of drugs called imidazole derivative. These drugs are available in the form of topical preparations and oral preparation.
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Antifungal creams, vinegar water baths twice a day for two weeks, tea tree oil, saltwater soaks..... athletes foot (tinea pedis) is similar so this can help
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Well, I have a ring worm on my back, it's that big but it's as big as cherry. And I was just wondering what can I do to make it go away if I don't want to go see the doctor and I don't have any anti-fungal creams? Please help me because I'm only 14 and this will ruin my social life I go swimming everyday please!
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Ringworm is a fungal skin infection.  The fungi live in the hair follicles and cause skin disease and hair breakage and loss usually resulting in lesions which are circular in shape.  Ringworm can be passed to humans and is spread by direct contact or from an infected environment.  The fungi is very hardy and can live in carpets and bedding for months.  There are a number of different treatments available including oral medication, topical creams, shampoos and dips.  Whichever treatment your veterinarian recommends, it will take approximately 3 weeks for your dog to stop being infective and even longer for the lesions to resolve.  It is important that you disinfect the environment as much as possible.  This can be done with a diluted bleach solution and carpets should be vacuumed regularly and the bag discarded.  Steam cleaning is even more effective.  
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My 2-boys had it on there scalp and arms. We bought the expensive "anti-fungal" liquid crap that didn't work. Someone said to try bleach...yes, bleach that you use for laundry. I soaked a cotton-ball and held it on the ringworm for 30-seconds or so. I did it 2-days in a row and it was completely gone a few days later.
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Oral pills that can help
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Apply  anti fungal powder and keep you skin dry and clean.

Try not to irritate skin by using tight clothes.

Never use anyone's else clothes.

Maintain Hygiene.

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May i suggest that you should be clean always in order to keep away those monster fugi away.thank you.
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A DOG with ring worm  ??  You'll need a perscription , so call your vet.  If it's a person -- same thing - you will need a perscription to get rid of it - which means a trip to the Dr.
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When you have any doubt that you have ringworm or not go to your doctor for through examination. When it is confirmed that you have ringworm then treatment differ according to place where the infection really resist. If the infection is on skin then it can easily be gone by using different creams and medicines for few weeks. If the ringworm is present in nails or scalp then the treatment include the use of oral medicines.

Even though there is no cure for ringworm and will not prevent from forever getting the disease. One can do various things to remain healthy and prevent himself from presence of ringworm as well as fight against ringworm. To remain healthy in order to fight such types of infection eat healthy and well-balanced food and include lots of vegetables in your diet.

Some herbs are used as powerful medicines for ringworms include balsam of Peru, Echinacea, burdock root, and goldenseal and should be used after consulting professional herbalist.

There is a home medication that is the use of tea tree oil. Use 8 to 10 drops of oil, mix it with one pint of purified water. And apply this mixture on infected area 3 times in a day and keep on doing this until the infection fades away.

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