What Is The Average Breast Size On Indian Women?


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There is no such thing as an average woman and, regardless of race; women vary in size so it is difficult to give you an exact answer to this question. The following link gives an interactive map of average cup sizes for bras per country:
As you can see from the interactive map on the link, the average cup size in India is a B cup. The measurements of a B cup can vary but this Wikipedia entry (specifically under cup measurement methods) should explain how the cup sizes are calculated and, therefore, the average size of a B cup:
  • Difficulties and discrediting of the research
The above research was carried out by a Russian company and many forums have noted that the country with the largest bust size also happens to be Russia. This research has therefore been discredited by some, although it is still the most thorough research on the average bust size by country on the Internet. As I am sure you are aware, it can also be difficult to gage the exact cup sizes of each country as the information is personal and private and does not have to be disclosed. It is therefore possible that this research has been taken from a small sample of women, making it hard to get an actual figure. The research will, most likely, have been taken from an average of bras that were bought in each country as this is the easiest way of getting the research without breaking privacy.
  • Warning
It is obviously not advisable to look up words like breasts on the Internet when trying to research this topic as the websites that tend to come up are not very wholesome at all. Take care when entering information of this nature on the Internet.
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I'm a 32D
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