How Do You Hide A 17-Inch Penis In Swimming Trunks?


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Tracy Koroma answered
Oh, come on! If your penis was really seventeen inches long, fitting it into swimming trunks would be the least of your problems.

How Can I Hide A Large Penis In Swimming Trunks?
If you meant 17cm - which would be about 6.5 inches - then the best way of hiding your penis in swimming trunks is by choosing a pair that aren’t too tight.

Don’t wear Speedos, unless you want everyone staring at you. Opt for something long and loose-fitting - you can buy swimming trunks that come down to your knees. These are a lot more modest, as it’s hard to see what’s beneath all the material.

Dark colors are also good for covering up. If you wear patterned or brightly-colored swimming shorts, you’ll only be drawing attention to the area!

World’s Largest Penis
Allegedly, the writer and actor Jonah Falcon has the largest penis of anyone alive. It’s 9.5 inches when flaccid and 13.5 inches when erect - that’s pretty huge!

If your penis was really 17 inches long, you’d probably pass out whenever you got an erection, and speaking as a woman, I wouldn’t want something that size anywhere near me!
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Titus agore answered
You don't - if it's that big, you show it off proudly, because most women will consider it nothing more then eye-candy anyway.
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jordan birch answered
Wow! Thats huge! Your penis should get smaller at some time right? I wonder how your penis got that big!

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