What Are The Advantages That Non-Smokers Have Over Smokers?


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When mutually of these influences are in use jointly, it is slight speculate that the investigations of Dr. Seaver, the medicinal executive of Yale, showed that absent of the 187 men in the group of 1881, persons not by means of tobacco throughout their college classes had achieved, in excess of the users of tobacco, 22 % in mass, 29 %in height, 19 % in expansion of chest, and 66 % in enlargement of lung capability.

In the Amherst graduating group for the similar year, the non-users of tobacco had received 24 % extra in weight, 37 % extra in tallness, and 42 % extra in expansion of chest than had the smokers. In lung capability, the tobacco users had misplaced two cubic inches, while the abstainers had received six cubic inches.

As a spoilsport upon goal, a pull upon growth, and a handicap upon achievement in life, the cigarette has only some equals and no superiors. The marked fingers and yellow skin tone of the young cigarette smoker will usually effect in his being discarded when applying for a place. The boss knows that the non-smoking boy is a lot more probable to be successful in his work and win his means to a place of faith and power than is the "cigarette fiend." particularly in these days of quick rivalry, no boy can pay for to bond a custom which will so handicap him in building his way as will the cigarette custom.

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