How Are Test Tube Babies Made?


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A test tube baby is any baby which is born as a result of 'In Vitro Fertilisation' (fertilisation in glass is the direct translation of IVF). However, the real translation is that the baby has been fertilised outside the woman's body. Test tubes and glasses are not actually used.
A woman is treated with hormones to ensure that the next time she ovulates she produces as many eggs as possible. eggs are then removed from the woman's ovaries and sperm are introduced after they have been removed.
After 3-5 days embryos (fertilised eggs) are then planted back into the woman's womb. Often several embryos are implanted. However, the success rate is only 20-30% for each IVF cycle. But sometimes, due to implanting multiple embryos, the woman may have a multiple birth ie give birth to more than three babies! Recent studies have suggested that accupuncture before and during fertility treatment can significantly improve fertility rates.
The first test tube baby in the Uk, was Louise Brown, who was born in 1978. Althoough contraversial when first introduced IVF is now a very standard practice worldwide.
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Test tube baby procedure is also called in vitro fertilization or IVF. In this procedure, sperm and egg are combined in laboratory dish and then embryo is transferred in to lady' uterus.  For details, visit IVF.
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