Is Emily Atwood,art Of Devotion A Scam?


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Emily Atwood is a fraud, just like all the other psychics out there. Each claims to be better than the rest. Each promises the moon -- wealth, romance, healed relationships, etc. Most claim a special connection with God or His angels. Each asks $25. Each offers a guarantee but none will return the money when they don't perform. They never perform.

I have begun to issue a challenge to each. Instead of paying them $25 up front, I offer $10,000 after they provide the wealth they promise. None, including Emily Atwood, has taken the challenge.

For those who are discerning spiritually about this, consider one thing. Neither God nor His angels are magic tricks, trained seals or our servants. They are not there to do our bidding. Those who think they can command spirits are practitioners of witchcraft, which is a Satanic practice. Those who truly do experience divine miracles receive them because they surrender and submit their will to God's.

P.S., If you feel for this scam and paid the $25, first demand a refund. Give them 10 days. Then file a complaint with the USPS for mail fraud. You might follow with a complaint to the Fraud and Corruption Unit of the FBI. What they are doing is a felony.
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I also received a letter that was just weird. The letter is so unbelievable that I just laughed as I read it.
These people are trying to take our money by playing on our weakness and fears.
I had not read 2 lines of the letter and I knew it was a scam.
I would not send my money to anyone like that.  I have gotten sooo many letters in the past
which are very similar to the one from Art Of Devotion and they were all scams.

It is up to you what you do with your money but for me, I will keep mine.
These ridiculous people with all these claims that they know what you need, are just
playing on our feelings.
Everyone has feeling of fear and pain in some form.
But these people know this.
The are using this to try and get money from people who can't even afford to
send them money by using promises of riches and love and a good life.
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I completely concur with the posted response from "Guest 7". No need to repeat, but I want to add this. I've received about a thousand of similar letters promising the same blessings, success, etc.. Years ago I was foolish enough to send some money (always a small amount because these scam artists know that people will always be willing to take a small risk). I later learned that these scammers send an average of ten-thousand letters at a time. If they only get a 5% favorable reply (@ $25 a pop) they will make an easy $12,500! Try to hold them to their "guarantee" to refund your money, and they'll make you take them to small claims court (which costs more in court fees, than the $25 you foolishly sent to them in the first place).
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I got one.  Same address, different name:  Mother Natasha.  I don't care if these people become zillionaires, I would not trade places with them come Judgement Day for all the money the world had to offer.  I wonder what it's like to make your living off the misery and hopelessness people feel that they will put faith into anything to change it?  I don't care to find out.  Come Judgement Day we will take no pleasure, only pity, as we see these charlatans being sent to the bowels of Hell for the path they have chosen to take.Dear "Psychics", perhaps you are able to find enough people desperate enough to make yourself a pile of money...enjoy it while your day you will be made to make restitution...and it will be a "Hell' of a price to pay.
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I have recieved a letter from this Aneek Johanni  a psychic  that claims to be able to solve all my problems. Are there any true psychics out there? You would figure they would know we can't afford the 25 dollars they ask for. Please send me your answere soon. Thank you......
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I'm not sure, but I received a letter from Vivian Davaaro with the same address as this Emily Atwood.

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