What Kind Of Enemas Work Best?


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When ever one of my kids is constipated, a plain, warm-water enema works best. 

That recommendation is from our family doctor.

It is a simple procedure, I fill the child-sized enema syringe with warm water. 

My child is stripped naked of all clothing.

I sit in a chair that is situated in the bathroom. 

My child lays across my lap in a spanking position. 

I lubricate the enema nozzle with vaseline, and gently insert it deep into her rectum. 

I gently squeeze the bulb syringe so that the water enters her lower intestine. 

I squeeze all the water out and let my child stand up and walk around for a bit. 

When she is ready to evacuate she sits on the toilet and lets all the waste products come out. 

I am with her when she is sitting on the bowl and evacuating. 

When she is done, she stands up, and we both look in the toilet at the contents that came out of her bowels.

I then wipe her anal region clean with lots of toilet paper, then flush all the waste away.
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I work in an ER and we use warm mild soap suds. The seem to work fairly well.

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