How Much Nicotine Is In One Light Cigarette?


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Light cigarettes are cigarettes that contain less nicotine and tar than standard cigarettes, and don’t have such a strong taste.

How Much Nicotine Is In A Light Cigarette?
Light cigarettes usually contain between 0.6mg and 1mg of nicotine, whereas regular cigarettes contain between 1.2mg and 1.4mg.

Nicotine Levels In Popular Light Cigarettes
  • Marlboro Lights – 0.7mg
  • Marlboro Ultra-Light – 0.5mg
  • Camel Light – 0.7mg
  • Parliament Lights – 0.7mg
Is It Healthier To Smoke Light Cigarettes?
No, not really. People who smoke light cigarettes tend to hold the smoke in longer, or smoke twice as much, so they can get their usual nicotine fix.

This is actually worse for you than just smoking regular cigarettes, as you’re taking in twice all the other crap that’s in cigarettes in order to get the same amount of nicotine as you usually would. Smoking is bad for you, however you do it - if you're worried about your health, you need to quit.
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Between 0.75-3% of its weight, or 15-40 mg in a 10g cigarette.
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0.4 mg

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