What Do You Do With A 2 Week Old Baby Who Cries Alot?


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Hold it, rock it, feed it, comfort it you can also call your dr to get them to help
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Try to feed milk, otherwise make her sleep by singing a song melodiously or consult doctor.
Well, being that its only 2 weeks old, theres several of things that could be wrong...

1) baby is constipated-
try a formula that is made just for babys who get constipated. You may need to go to the drug store and get some baby suppositories. It really helps. (make sure you have the baby laying on a towel, it can get messy). Haha.

2) get some karo syrup and put some in a bottle of water, or even the formula. This will help them go to the potty. (#2 wise od course)

3) gassy babies will cry because of the stomach pains it causes. If your baby has sever colic, make a doctor appointment. Get some infant mylicon drops and that may help.

4) baby may not be getting enough food. Up the feeding an ounce and see if this helps. You can't always go by what doctors say- your poor baby will starve. By 2 weeks old my daughter was eating 7 oz every 4 hours, and by 1 1/2 months she was eating 6 oz of formula with cereal in it!

These are just a few suggestions. If the baby seems like it may have colic, don't rock it- this will make the colic worse.

Good luck and I hope things get better.
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The baby probably has collic. You should go to the store and buy some mylecon drops. You can get at the Pharmacy or grocery store. Give to the baby as directed. That will help the baby soothe it's stomach and relieve gas and other problems that the baby may be in pain. If the baby keeps crying take him/her to the doctor. He/she could have an allergy to the milk he/she is on and need it changed. It could be causing stomach problems. If the baby is throwing up a lot he/she could have reflux and may need to be on a medication for it. Have the baby elevated when he/she sleeps. Such as in a car seat or have the crib mattress propped up and see if that helps some. Put the baby on his her stomach and give him/her some tummy time.

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