Can You Drink Hydrogen Peroxide To Aid In Detoxing The Body? Is There A Solution To Mix With Water Or Drink Straight?


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Hershel Olmos answered
Yes, I did it for 6 months.  4oz of 3% hydrogen peroxide per day.  1/5 ratio with water is good.  You need to the the peroxide without stabilizers, as stabilizers are bad for you.  Peroxide is also very good to put in your ear for swimmers ear and/or ear infections.  Sinus infections you can spray it in your nose, and notice quick improvement.  Sore throats you can gargle it.  If you have a cold or virus drinking this in the proper ration is a good idea.  It will not harm you.
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I have heard different stories of people taking this with water a few drops daily and it had been very beneficial.
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Yes only the grade food formula
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Yes, a couple of drops in water can cure any virus. I learned this from a legitimate source.
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No, you can not drink hydrogen peroxide to aid in detoxing the body. It is because hydrogen peroxide is basically for skin diseases and other diseases not to detox the body. Even it is classified as a lower grad drug by drug companies.

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