How To Reduce The Melanin And Get The Beautiful Whiteness In Face?


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In some cases, you can reduce melanin and increase the whiteness in your face by using special creams with active ingredients known as mercurous chloride and/or hydroquinone. These chemical agents remove pigment from the skin; however, they don't work immediately. A regular course of treatment with such lotions or ointments will be needed, and results may vary based on each person's original skin tone, as well as other variables.

Stars such as the late Michael Jackson were rumored to use such creams to excess - in Jackson's case, if he did use lightening creams to alter the tone of his complexion, he spoiled a lovely, dark skin tone, turning it almost bone-white over time. It can be tempting to use such creams to exact a radical change - however, you can be almost certain that your natural skin tone is really the best choice for you. Dark skin is beautiful and hides flaws more easily than pale, porcelain skin does. There can be many benefits to staying darker. Melanin also protects the skin (to an extent) from sun damage and other health problems related to the skin; the skin is our body's biggest organ, so you must be careful how you treat it. If you choose to use skin lighteners for whiter skin, be certain you do so under a dermatologist's care. At the least, make sure the products you choose (such as hydroquinone creams) are highly rated and produced by trusted manufacturers. Don't take chances with your complexion, as reversing skin lightening can be difficult, and results may not always be even or exactly what you envisioned before you started treatment.

Skin-lightening creams are available from dermatologists, and in drugstores and chain stores. The amounts of active ingredients in each product will vary; products prescribed by a doctor will generally have a higher concentration of active ingredients - products sold over the counter will have lower amounts of active ingredients, so they are safer for everyday use without a doctor's supervision.
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Excessive exposure to UV rays from the sun is one of the most common causes of melanin or hyperpigmentation. To lessen the damaging impact of UV rays on your skin, always apply an opaque sunblock screen containing zinc oxide or titanium oxide before stepping out in the sun.

You may use Melblok Advanced Day Cream, an anti-pigmentation moisturizing day cream for Pigmentation-prone skin.

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You cannot reduce the melanin in your face but you can wear sun protecting creams, keep out of the sun as much as possible.
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Better not to be a 'white ghost', and retain your natural beauty. Being white didn't do much for Wacko Jacko.
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Hydroquinone has such bad side effects. So does kojic acid. Not a good answer. There was a post on google about the right foods/vitamins to eat that will not generate more melanin...try that instead. I agree, learn to love yourself.

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