Should Men Be Kept In Diapers?


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I keep my husband in diapers and plastic pants in the house, he doesnt like it much but tough he has to do as I tell him. I make him wear panties to work but as soon as he's back home he goes straight back into his diapers. He is a really cute boy and I love bathing him and powdering his nice smooth bottom, sometimes he whinges and whines but a good hard slap to his bott usually calms him down and makes he see who is in control. He is not allowed to take his diaper off himself and each morning  I change him and  choose which panties I put him in, I dress him and send him to work. I know he is terrified of his mates finding out he wears diapers and panties. This is my ammunition to make do as he's told, it serves him right for trying on my panties ( I caught him in the act) now he has his own permanently!
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I love you u are really good wife and your boy Freund should be prowed to have such a wife it as realy sexy feeling for a boy knowing that there wife is putting him in diapers and nicely changing him i think its the most yummy sexy feeling u can do for a boy keep it up and enjoy outing him on the diaper make sure to do it nicely and sexy flip it beutyfully between his legs and close it tightly
Njoy have a good sexy hot time
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Yes! Men are immature babies and should be kept in diapers. They shouldn't get married; they need to be adopted! I love my man paddling around the house in diapers, but as soon as I let him out of them he turns into and arrogant a-hole.
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Yes all us guys should be diapered 24/ questions asked I am a baby an love it
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You they are so hot and cute in diapers we should be the boss of men
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Not all man need to wear diapers if they did were would babys come from.but there are mem who are bigger babys then babys themself.their the ones who should be wearing diapers 24/ husband and I been marryed for10 years he can`t have kids.from day one my husband has always done what ever I told him and I`v alway babyed him made all the decides pick out his clothes to wear and even fixed his bath I decided if I was going to do all that.I might as well change his diapers I put him back into full time diapers.I even turned the spare bedroom into a baby nursery large baby crib playpen everything.that was 6 months ago and today hes diaper depended he has to wear diapers all the time.he also has to depended on me for everthing  even changing his diapers. This dosn`t bother him any he really likes it. Now I`marryed to a big baby.but hes my baby boy l love him and I wouldn`t have it any other way.
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Sure all men should be kept in diapers and let there wife change it for them in a sexy way and  do see in them and feel like a baby taken care of just make sure not to wet your girl freund while outing you in your sexy hot diaper enjoy and stay in diapers 24/7 and fell hot and sexy cute lovely baby
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Actually personally I have worn a diaper on several times, enjoy the feel and comfort of it as well as the way it made genitals feel. Doesn't mean I wanted to be babied, I just liked wear and using a diaper. But, as towards this question, I don't see why male should have to be potty trained at all. It creates a sense of comfort and security to males, and the fact it naturally stimulates male genitalia including in infants who can get erection and have actual dry orgasms just for pleasure nothing sexual. Which because of that I would think males would less sexually minded and tend be more monogamous on average. Cause they would have that comfort and security of their diapers and if want to feel better than they are they could just rub the front of their diaper. Which if have ever noticed infant and little boys in diaper do this as well dry hump in their diapers for gratification. Boys just could be thought at a certain age to change themselves. Then live out their lives in to manhood wearing diapers everyday. Another point the retention of urine and poop can lead to many heath issues of men, including bladder and prostate issues. Why do you think it more common for men to develop incontinence issues as well it's more common for men to become "Adult babies" or "Diaper Lovers" fetishes than women. Males have a natural attachment to their diapers from day one of their lives.
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I wore diapers as an infant... I'm not an infant any more. I don't wear a bib any more either, or have my Mommy put my shoes on for me, or do up my coat....
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Where'd you get this information?
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Is this a sexual fetish or an incontinence problem? Two different kinds of diapers for two different needs. But no one, not even babies, should be "kept" in diapers for a long period of time without letting their genitals get a little fresh air...
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An immature person no matter what their gender should be put in diapers and spanked early and often if they are naughty.
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If there was a woman interested in me staying in in diapers and wanted me I would happily stay in diapers
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Yes they should. Bill shell is the rightest person here, except for the "can be thought of to change themselves" part. That is stupid.
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I think its wrong if you force them to wear I mean I would like it but you shouldnt force anyone to do it
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Absolutely!  The vast majority of males never come close to reaching the same level of maturity that females do.  Females on the other hand clearly demonstrate on a daily basis their superiority to males.  Nearly every male alive would respond positively to be treated like a baby and being kept in diapers and bottle fed.  Males would realize their inferiority to females and accept being in submission to their wives.  Males would desire to willingly submit to and obey their wives.  Men would no longer question their wife's right to be in authority over them.  Women would find satisfaction and fulfillment in their marriage.  Divorce for the most part would become a thing of the past.

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If you feel your husbands behavior would improve by keeping him in diapers; then by all means, go for it!

There is no longer any doubt that females are vastly superior to males.  Females are excelling and out performing males in virtually every aspect of society.  There is no longer any valid argument as to why females cannot take control of their families and society.

Nearly every female that has ever successfully put her husband, boyfriend, or son in diapers can testify as to the positive change and improvement in their behavior.  Most males will quickly become addicted to being kept in diapers and will respond positively by developing an increasing desire to submit to and obey the female in authority over them.  If the woman knows how to play her cards correctly, she can soon have a mate that will worship her and take care of all the domestic duties.  Any male who has ever been put back into diapers by their wife or girlfriend knows deep in his heart that she is vastly superior and that keeping him diapered is best for their relationship

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I had to wear a diaper for medical reasons a few years ago. My wife enjoyed seeing it. Although the medical issue is long gone, she makes be wear diapers all the time. The diaper is not too bad but I hate the crinkly noise from the plastic cover. Her friends have heard it and kid me about my diapers. My wife teases me that one day she will let her friends see me in a diaper. She has made me wear them to the internist we both use. She looked at them and said it likely improved my attitude. It's embarrassing when we are out and the plastic diaper cover makes an obvious noise.

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Admit it Diaper wearing boys. Being in a wet diaper, just feels like humping a wet vagina.

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My husband wears nappies and vinyl pants at night and at weekends if i think it is  needed. His attitude certainly improves, he is more attentive, especially  when we are out and about, he almost clings to my side, I think this is possibly in case his panties can be heard when he moves. I am the sole breadwinner in our house he does not work apart from doing the housework and washing. He hates that I made the rule that the washing is to dry outside and although i have not said anything to him I have noticed he always hangs his nappies and panties in our immediate private yard obviously away from our neighbours attention.  I keep a tight rein on him he has to do as he's told or suffer the humiliation of loss of privilige ie no trousers to wear in the house for the day this usually brings him back to heel. Also while i'm out i keep him in his chastity tube this ensures he keeps his mind on his comittments because as any strong minded woman will tell you most men think with their dicks, I had his tube specially made to measure, it fits like a fine leather glove  there is no room for any sort of erection and the curve of it ensure there is no boy bulge in his nappies thats why he hates just being kept in his panties as the pastel colours scream femeninity. I just love to see his baby smooth legs where they meet the wide  padded crotch of his panties, it makes me so excited knowing i have complete control over him 

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Its tough to admit, but yes. I was put back in plastic tapes disposable diapers, similar to Pampers or Huggies long ago and it worked exactly as the ladies on here said it does. I became more and more dependent, docile, it mellowed me out big time. I was never the same and she enjoyed that knowing it would work. I became more of a boy. Like it or not, there was nothing I could do.

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My husband needed to wear night diapers because of his bed wetting. He wet his pants in the car on a trip. I told him  he needs to wear a night diaper during the day. He needed a diaper change when he drooped me off at a Girls Book club meeting. All 20 girls found out my "Baby Boy" was in diapers 24/7 for wetting and messing himself during the diaper change. He is now very much like a young teen.

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I am so sick of my husband's leaking pullups. His childish attempts to clean himself up - especially after messing. He leaves stains on the bedding. He claims he puts the pullup on correctly but they just leak.

In desperation I mentioned the situation to his mother & was totally amazed when she went to the linen cupboard  & came back with some of his old diapers. They are exactly like babies diapers only bigger. I could not believe that my husband had been wearing these diapers at his moms house - up until we married last year.

My mother-in-law convinced me to put him back into these diapers. She also insisted that I take over the diapering duties if I wanted clean bed sheets.

I was very reluctant to take away my husbands last shred of self respect - however felt I had no choice.

At first he resisted - now it is like changing a child. Well to be honest I feel like his mother & diaper him the same way as a neighbours child that I babysit.

So yes - men - probably all men should be put back in diapers - long before they start messing up the bed clothes.


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Absolutely not! Diapers are ONLY for girls and women! They should wear them to feel cute and babyish and also to let their husbands and boyfriends control them. 

I put cloth diapers and plastic pants on my wife to control her and she likes it.

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