Does Anyone Know Of Any Free CPR Classes In Detroit, MI?


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CPR stands for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and is a major concern for many Americans. Not only does it equip you with essential skills to restore breathing and circulation, it improves your communication skills, boosts your confidence, increases your employability and makes you a generally good, well-rounded person. There are a large number of free or low-cost CPR classes throughout America, and the city of Detroit in Michigan is no exception.

There are a number of free CPR classes online which allow you access to videos, diagrams, photographs and descriptions in order to help you learn CPR. However, these only provide tuition of the "theory" aspect of CPR - you do not receive any "hands-on" or "practical" CPR training, which is sometimes necessary for certain job roles and qualifications. One free online CPR class can be found at, and provides information and demonstrations of child and adult emergency CPR. On this website there is also information regarding pet CPR, which can give you peace of mind in your own home should your beloved pet encounter any danger.

For hands-on, practical CPR training as well as theoretical knowledge, it is a good idea to get in touch with your local YMCA branch. At most YMCAs, free or very low-cost CPR training is offered in certain periods throughout the year. To find the YMCA branch in Detroit which is the closest and most easily accessible to you, visit Here you can find information on the YMCA branches throughout Detroit and access timetables and schedules of the classes at each branch. However, you may have to register in order to access some of the more specific features and facilities of the website.

Another option is for you to try at one of the many hospitals throughout Detroit in order to see if they have free or low-cost CPR classes. Today, most hospitals hold groups and forums for people to attend in order to communicate and to learn in an informative and safe environment. Why not start at the Henry Ford Hospital, the Detroit Medical Centre or the Sinai-Grace Hospital, or any other hospital which is within easy reach for you and your family.

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