What Do The Bright Spots On My Knee Mri Mean?


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MRI is often used to help investigate the source of many potential knee problems and conditions. An MRI scan will be able to show you show the internal structures within your knee, including bones and soft tissues. This information can be used to diagnose any possible tears, fractures or degeneration within the joint.
MRI report is not itself sufficient to determine the treatment needed in any situation. MRIs must be used with the patient’s history of injury, physical examination findings, x-rays and other studies, to determine an appropriate treatment plan.
Fluid is indicated by bright white marks on the image. From my experience it is considered a lesion. If you had several they would retest again for MS. What my neurologist told me was that many people have them and they can clear up. They can be caused from head injury, chemical exposure, and any other toxin that could affect the body. If you have one I would not worry, just maybe have it redone in 6-8 weeks to see if it is gone, larger, or more there
Lesions are caused by any procedure that can damages tissues and can come in several forms. A cancerous tumour is an example of a lesion; however the surrounding tissue damaged by a tumour is also a lesion. Trauma, including electrocution and chemical burns can also lead to lesions. Certain diseases present lesions, for example there could be a number of skin deformities caused by chicken pox and can also be caused by metabolic processes, like an ulcer or autoimmune activity, as in the case with many forms of arthritis or bone diseases.
They are sometimes intentionally inflicted during neurosurgery, such as the carefully placed brain lesion used in order to treat epilepsy and other brain ailments. Please note that lesions are not limited to animals or humans; damaged plants are  also said to have lesions.
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The magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is the machine which uses magnetic and radio waves to diagnose problems. The bright spot means that the bone at your knee has some dead tissues or bone degeneration or damaged area of the knee.

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