How Do I Find My NPI Number?


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The easiest way to find your National Provider Identifier number would to be by going on to . On this website all you have to do is enter your last name or entity, first name and the state you live in. By submitting you National Provider Identifier to the website will cause no harm because by law, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), states that 'Each covered health care provider (must) disclose it's NPI, when requested, to any entity that needs the National Provider Identifier number to identify that health care provider in standard transaction.' You could also go onto which does the same thing.

If neither works for you could always go on and create an account for your current National Provider Identifier, and then log into that account to check your NPI information.  

Another way would be to call the National Provider Identifier enumerator's number on 1-800-465-3203 or TTY 1-800-692-2326 and request an application form. This form will be posted to you and it should be posted back to the enumerator and once everything is completed you should be responded to either by post, email or phone.

National Provider Identifier numbers are given to health care providers and if the providers, such as a hospital and/or a physician, go out of business or dies, their NPI will be activated. However if they move from one location to another, their National Provider Identifier number will not change.
If you know your own  National Provider Identifier number, but not the  National Provider Identifier number of your health care provide, you will need to contact them to ask for it.
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You can find the npi number of any doctor by name and location or find the name and address of a physician by npi number at Really easy to find what you need there.
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It is not difficult to find such number, I'm giving you a very good link from where you can find such numbers. The link is:
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Thank you man. I was looking for this number forever!
You really did a good job. Thank you again.
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Thanks for the link for the NPI number , would you happen to know how to find my Medicare and Medicaid numbers as well?
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Thanks for the link for the NPI number, do you know how to find my medicare and medicaid numbers?

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