Can Humans Get Aids From A Cat With Feline Aids?


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It is not at all possible to get AIDS from a Cat.  Although the disease has been dubbed AIDS, it is a different disease from the AIDS that affects humans, and cats often live a full normal life if they have it, So it is very different indeed.

Humans and other animals cannot get infected from a cat that is infected. If you get scratched or bitten by a cat however, it is possible that you can suffer nasty infections in the scratches, and this might worry you if you know that it is a cat with feline Aids.

The most likely diseases that humans will contract from cats are 'toxic plasmosis' and 'cat scratch disease'.  These are easily cured in humans that are fit and well, although if you have Human AIDS, and contract either of these, please seek immediate attention.

The symptoms of both of these are the same.  These are:

  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the head and neck

  • Headache

  • Mild illness with fever, similar to mononucleosis

  • Muscle pain

  • Sore throat

Typically if your symptoms are severe, they can be easily treated with Antibiotics.

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Most diseases can't cross from one animal to another or to people, exceptions are psiticosis (flu like illness from Birds to people) and pigs can get diseases from people and poultry, that's how bird flus become a danger to people, birds pass it to pigs, and it adapts becoming able to pass back to birds and to people.

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