What Do I Need To Do To Become A Neonatal Nurse?


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Tests  are usually set by the hospital or other institution where you want to work. You would normally need some training from a nursing college, but how much also depends on the exact type of job you are looking for. You can find out more here.
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No idea what you have to take, but I'm only in year 9 and would like to become a neonatal nurse. And I would like to find out what GCSEs I would need and it seems impossible to find out. Can any of you help me :S  thanks x
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I am in year 9 and i want to be a neonatal too, i pick child development and science(not the tripe science), hope can help you
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You will need to go to college to become an RN then you get about a year or maybe 2 years of training at the hospital of your choice in the state of Florida
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You have to go to college and sign of for the nursing curriculum. I do not know exactly when you have to decide on your speciality. It may be in the second year of your program. Community college you have to take test to get into the program. At a 4 year college or university you can enter directly into the program and you will be going for a BSN, that is Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
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It is very simple for become a neonatal nurse an individuals is do these training which help na individual to become neonatal nurse aga khan hospital and neonatal and child health care hospital of pakistan is starting a special programme for the neonates improvement of health it is often practice in pakistan on huge scale but it is the best line to choose to adopt a healthy tomorrow of these angels

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