Did Adolf Hitler Have A Addiction To Drugs?


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I thought he took an overdose of a drug to commit suicide. I am probably wrong though. Probably has nothing to do with an addiction anyway.
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Actually hr died in his barracks in Berlin pointing a pistol under his chin up towards his head and shot himself.
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He did not die of a drug overdose - according to the most reputable sources he gave his new wife Eva Braun a cyanide pill then took one himself, but shot himself too.
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It's thought he may have been addicted to methamphetamine and other prescription drugs supplied by his doctor, if that's what you mean - there is an article about it here. Plus I believe there is a new satirical comedy in which he is portrayed as a drug addict?
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Oh yeah, he was whacked out on drugs injected daily by his personal quack physician. Amphetamines all day then barbiturates to bring him down at night. He also supplied his troops with amphetamines as well to enable them to go nights without sleep and thus maintaining the speed of Blitzkrieg. Check out the History Channel show "High Hitler" and also a brief clip at the end of the "Hooked on Drugs" series I believe it's called, the episode on methamphetamines. Insightful not as well known info to be learned there.
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From 1942, Adolf Hitler received daily injections of methamphetamine from his personal physician, Dr Theodor Morell. The F├╝hrer was also familiar with cocaine. People on methamphetamine usually have no sympathy for others, are on a power trip and think they have superhuman strength. Lets not forget that Hitler use to be a male prostitute, sleeping with other men and so was half of his army. But yes Hitler was totally addicted to drugs and very paranoid.  In the end when the U.S. Came to Germany, Hitler I believe took cyanide tablets to quickly kill himself.
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Yes he was addicted 2 heroine
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Oh Good Lord! He was just a Meths Addict! That's it! He didn't electrocute himself for fun, he didn't Die of OD!

Peace out...
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Check out the "Blitzed Edition" of the Dan Carlin pod cast "Hardcore History."

Really interesting stuff.

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