Is Tricomin Better Than Nioxin And Do They Really Help?


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No, Tricomin is not better than Nioxin, and in fact, they're probably as good as each other.  As to whether they work or not, I'll try to explain a little better below.

  • Products like Tricomin and Nioxin don't necessarily claim to help your hair regrow, but they do claim to help people with hair loss by improving the condition of the hair and strengthening the roots.
  • Tricomin and Nioxin are ultimately shampoos with some extra ingredients added in to help you to stop going bald.  The difficulty with this is that there are loads of different stages of baldness.  For example, someone that's lost a tiny bit of hair might insist that the product works, whereas someone with very little hair left is unlikely to reap the same rewards.
  • Whether they work or not is subjective, but I would suggest that if they DO, they don't help ENOUGH to warrant the hefty cost of applying them each and every day for the rest of your life.
  • Saying that, if you've got money to burn, there's no harm in trying them out, but don't expect miracles.  There have actually been reports of these types of products increasing hair loss, and in some cases, helped to make people totally bald.

Here's a video discussing the varying results of Tricomin and Nioxin that is pretty insightful:

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