Identifies And Examples Factors That Encourage Youth To Engage In The Type Of Risk Behaviour : Which Is Substance Abuse?


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Identities and example factors that encourage youth to engage in risk behavior that leads to substance abuse includes sexual activity at a young age and peer pressure at any age. Often, a youth's peer group will affect the way she or he responds to temptations that may include drugs, alcohol, or the abuse of prescription general, if a teen is hanging out with a "fast" crowd where young men and women are encouraged to "hook up" and experiment, they will be more likely to try drugs or booze. In fact, the relationship between sexual activity and drug abuse is a vicious circle.

  • Examples

For example, ecstasy erases inhibitions and creates a more libidinous nature, and this drug can be easily obtained, although it is a dangerous and illegal substance. Typically, youth who give in to risk factors that may injure their health or damage their reputations will be high-sensation seekers who are looking for thrills that help them to forget about the stresses and problems in their lives. Of course, there are also truly reckless types who just don't think they'll ever get into an accident or suffer any negative consequences because of what they are doing. In youth, feeling immortal is basically a given, unless a child has experienced deaths in the family or other traumas that lend more realism to the early years of teenhood.

  • Subtypes

However, there is a subtype of drug and alcohol abuser who is depressed, insecure, or abused, and this type of youth will use substances as a way out of the pain and suffering they experience in everyday life.

To learn more about the risk factors and psychology of teens, studying child psychology or counseling can be helpful. Just talking to a teen about life and trying to stay connected with their thoughts and emotions is also helpful.

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