Can You Dye Your Hair After Giving Birth?


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  • Can you dye your hair after giving birth?
Yes, you can dye your hair after giving birth, even if you are breast feeding. There is no way that the dye can enter your blood stream and affect your child. There is nothing to suggest that you cannot dye your hair whilst pregnant too but some people choose not to because of the chemicals that you may inhale while the dye is on your hair.

  • Are there any dangers of hair dye?
One of the main and most common dangers of hair dye is allergic reactions. Many people find that they are allergic to the strong chemical in hair dye and it can cause anything from a minor skin irritation to unpleasant rashes, scabs, scarring or even hair loss. It is very important to do a test with the hair dye prior to using it. Apply a small amount to your hair and in a place where it will touch the skin. The most common place to do a tester patch is behind the ear or on the neck. If you do experience any kind of allergic reaction it will only be in one small place and in an area where it is unnoticeable.

  • Hair dyes and asthma
It has been suggested that hair dye can cause asthma or if you already suffer from asthma hair dye can make it considerably worse. There are many types of bleach (a typical hair dye), particularly hair dyes that turn the hair considerably lighter, and these chemicals can sensitize the airways which can lead to an asthma attack every time a person is exposed to it. This has been known to happen with hair dressers who are constantly exposed to the toxic chemicals.
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Well, sure, but you might want to wait a month or two if you can because your hormones are going to be a raging mess and some of your hair might fall out, so maybe give it a little time before you stress out your hair anymore than is happening with the drop in hormones, and then get it back to the way you want I.
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I would wait a few months before, After my sister had her daughter she died her hair and a fair percentage of it fell out and it can't grow back so it's better to be safe then sorry. Xx

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