How Many Unisom Can I Really Take? Recommended Dose Does Nothing For Me.


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None!!! Try Melatonin 3 mg take half don't take the whole pill 1/2 is plenty !its all Natural and works better then any other sleep aid out there I give it to our little Girl shes eight years old and has been taking 1/2 of a Melatonin Pill Since she was five years old ! As she has adhd /Bipolar and has a hard time falling asleep she use to be awake all night  now she falls asleep around 9:00PM or 10:00pm thats Great for her:)

Hope this Helps oh I also take it for sleep its a miracle Med all Natural you can get it at walmart or the Dollar General its Cheep think I paid 6.00 Dollars at walmart for 120 pills Only take a half! Or a forth  of one works also it really does and No you don't wake up all tired :) But once you take it you will not be able to hold your Eyes open LOL I Hope this helps its a way safer to go then the Unisom
  God Bless Leigh

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