Are All Blister On Penis Considered Herpes?


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If you wake up to a sight of blisters on your penis, you would be forgiven to think that you have herpes. Blisters are a common symptom for herpes. People always forget that the same blisters could be as a result of an STD, STI or lesion. The truth is that herpes symptoms are not easily identifiable in some people.

Genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus type 2. This spread by direct contact with infected persons. Persons with herpes are more likely to infect other parts of their bodies by touching the infected parts and then touching uninfected parts of their body.

The common symptoms of genital herpes are:

Burning or tingling sensation on your genitals.

Blisters and lesions that often occur in clusters.

Painful urination.

The first stage of herpes is usually the most painful and severe for most people. This stage is mostly characterized by painful outbreaks. Although there is no cure for herpes, antiviral drugs can help keep the condition in control but it reoccurs at different stages for different people.

One of the conditions people confuse with herpes is syphilis. Syphilis causes chancres which people confuse with blisters. This is a bacterial disease which, just like herpes has no cure. Syphilis also disappears and reoccurs at different stages in people’s lives.

If you suspect you have herpes or have blisters or any other symptoms that make you believe you may have been infected with herpes, the best thing is always to consult a doctor. Although these blisters do not necessarily mean that you have herpes, it could be some other condition that needs quick treatment.

Persons with genital herpes can easily dismiss symptoms of herpes for less severe conditions. Some people even get infected with herpes without outbreaks. This means that manifestation of the virus is different for different people.

In the event where genital herpes infection manifests, it takes three to fourteen days. If you have a cluster of blisters on your penis within this period after sexual contact, you may been infected but this may not always be the case.
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My BF of a year noticed 2 small blisters, one popped on his penis and stated they were from too much rough sex.  We have sex very frequent, not really rough, but intense.  We have had far greater sex amd more frequent in past weeks than just recent time frame and never experienced any "lesions" as a result.  They are now 4/5 small clear fluid filled blisters.  He told me they are sore and he now has a fever.  I would like to believe he hasn't cheated but am now wondering if he hasn't contracted some STD.  I am trying to figure out just how to suggest he get checked.  Thoughts anyone would be very helpful, I am calling my GYNO today for input.  We have been together prior to him mentioning it to me.
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Blisters on the penis can be other STD'S and he will need tests to see which one it is. Yes, it does sound like herpes but he will need a culture to be sure unless a Dr can see for himself what it could be. You can have blood tests done to see if you contracted any STD's. It is best you don't wait to find out for sure what it is. Your BF must have had another sexual partner for this to occur. If your BF starts to have any drainage from the penis he could get very sick and you need a new BF.
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You both need to go back to the doctor. Your BF's symptoms do sound just like Herpes.
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It is a possibility! It takes 3-30 days for herpes symptoms to show up! When they do they are very painful and itch when they scab! Go to the doctor with your bf asap!

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