What Is The Diagnosis Code For Sural Neuritis?


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To find out the full diagnosis code for sural neuritis, you will have to contact a medical professional as codes such as these are not readily available to the public. However, the code group in which the full code will be is the ICD-9 group. In reality, you do not need to be concerned with the diagnosis code for sural neuritis as your doctor will sort out technical elements such as these (if you are indeed suffering from the condition).

• Diagnosis codes

Diagnosis codes are used in the medical field to indicate the type of illness, disease or condition a patient has. They tend to show how serious a malady is, in terms of how likely it is to cause death or prolonged pain or suffering. Diagnosis codes are useful in providing a broad overview and making documentation easier. However, they provide only a very narrow view of patients' current health problems. Additional information is always needed along with a diagnosis code.

• Sural neuritis

Sural neuritis is a condition of the foot, which in most cases is very painful. It results from irritated nerves in the foot, which could be caused by shoes being the wrong shape or too small. Sufferers can feel acute pain as well as burning and tingling sensations. Short pain attacks could be triggered by random movements of the foot, ankle of leg.

In most cases, sural neuritis is easy to treat. It can be treated as an inflammatory condition, so anti-inflammatory creams and solutions can be used. Compressing ice to the affected area can also be helpful. In a minority of cases, further treatment may be needed. These treatment plans could involve intensive operations on the foot to correct the irritated nerves.

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