What Is The Cream Tetraderm Used For?


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Tetraderm is a product that is available in South America and also in Mexico. It is a cream for a skin and it can be used to lighten scars and get rid of dark spots on the skin.

The product is not approved by the FSA in America as it is not deemed safe for use due to a number of reasons, mainly as it contains steroids.

The cream is also used for acne to get rid of marks and spots on the skin that may be left over from bad acne.

It can also be used to clear infections and to also sort out itchy skin. There are many positive stories about it throughout the internet; however the large steroid count would perhaps cause other issues in people.

Tetraderm usually comes in a 40g tube and is made from beclomethasone dipropionate 0.025 % w/w, gentamicin sulphate (as base) 0.1 % w/w, iodochlorhydroxyquinoline 1 % w/w, and tolnaftate 1 % w/w.

The reasons it is not used in the USA are that it causes adverse side effects in fetus's in animals (teratogenic or embryocidal or other). It has not been tested on humans in lab conditions so it's true effects are unknown.

It could be advised that if something is not tested on humans and is linked with pregnancy problems in animals, it is not advisable to take it. It is also banned by the FSA which means it is illegal in the US, though it is easy to get on the internet.

It might be best to seek another type of cream for ailments if you are looking for one. Contact your doctor or medical professional for advice on the problem.
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I use tetraderm on both my arms. After pregnancy my arm became itchy n pimple-like bumps appeared. I went to the doc. N she told me I had keratosis pilaris. She prescribed medication. I tried it n it didn't seem to work. I started using Tetraderm about a month ago n my arm is almost 100% clear. Love this stuff!
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This seem's like a wonder drug because it get's rid of those ugly and bothersome rashes quickly but  the down side to this medication is that when you stop using it, because it is a steroid, your rash comes back ten times worse.  Using it for a quick fix is okay but for most dermatitis problems I would take oral tetracycline because it is safe to use and does not have bad side effect's.  You have to take the tetracycline for a few week's to see the result's but unlike a steroid it does not have negative effect's.  I started the tetracycline and then after two week's when it started to kick in I quit the tetraderm cream.  You can get the pill's in mexico without a prescription  but you will need one from your doctor here.
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I still use tetraderm I we speak infact I have it on RIGHT NOW,,,,
I use it for red itchy patches that I get and it seem to be reducing the size and
itching .... Really works
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I have purchased the same cream when my daughter had a infection on a bit she got. The pharmacist told me is that it contains steroids and it should be used sparingly on children because it lets down your immune system while you use it. It got ride of the ugly infection she had and I am now using it on a rash I got on my neck and it is getting ride of that fast.
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This cream is very very good, its for all kinds of fungus or skin infections, don't be afraid to use it... I use it for any kind of infections that I might have, Tetraderm.... Good Medicine
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I had gotten ringworm on my hand and at the time I went to mexico and the pharmacist gave me that cream and it really worked  fast.

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