What Is One Thing That You Regret Doing Most In Your Life?


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I regret taking my mom for granted over the years and figuring she would always be there whenever I wanted to call her or visit her (on my terms). Then she passed away and I wished I would have called her more, visited her more, and just been there for her when SHE needed me.
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Giving into peer pressure and not being true to myself it robbed me of many years of my life I will never be able to get back. I have learned that my life is what I make of it and not what others think how I should live my life, I have learned that above all else I must be true to my gut feelings and instincts for my choices I make and how I live..
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Great answer! It can be so hard to understand these things when we are younger and think it's important to be like everybody else. I congratulate you on what you have learned. Sometimes the only way to learn something is by making mistakes.
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Yes a good answer
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The thing that I most regret is also the most unregretable thing. I had premarital and unprotected sex. She got pregnant (of course) and I married her. I am now divorced and realize she just wanted a father for the child. She wanted and got the divorce.

The reason it is so unregretable is that I have 3 wonderful kids that I would do anything for. I love them and they return the love.
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Hera Kalaydjian
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I got the goosebumps reading your story fdjones..
CalTex - Doug Morgan
@Fred: Except for the part about your child's mother just wanting a father, your experience and take on that experience is the same as mine to a tee. In my case, my girlfriend and I both wanted to have a sit down because we both had something to tell the other. After a short exchange about who should go first, I let her know that I thought we should break off our relationship. Then it was her turn -- to tell me she was pregnant. I immediately offered to get married and we did.

Although we filed for divorced within three years and engaged in three custody battles over 10 years, we are extremely proud of our wonderful and loving 39 year old son who was somehow able to beat all the odds to become a preeminent doctor of civil engineering. Fortunately time has heeled all the wounds between my ex and me.
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I regret letting my children go live with there Father when they were younger. My middle son says I am died to him and my daughter has many issues that she can not over come , however we are very close.NOW!!
My oldest son has gotten himself into trouble and is now in prison. Very tough to overcome this. I feel somehow responsible.
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I regret the early morning I got that phone call, the call we all dread getting.  But I got mine and you will get yours, for sure.  I was 41 and had three children then.  As my mother just screamed and cried over the phone I could do was just remember thinking to myself, what was the last thing I said to my dad? 

Had I told him I loved him?  Had I left him after a little argument?  Had I just walked away and left him as not to waste my silly, precious time?

On the way to their home I sped like a madman and then I remembered what we had last said to each other.  We had talked about how proud we were of my oldest son and we made small talk then I told him I would see him later.

Then, when I pulled up to his home the police cars were everywhere.  My mom was in her gown and came running across the yard to me with her arms outstretched.  She was devastated as she had just lost her first love after 50 years together.

I hurt inside so badly for all of the times I had disrespected my dad. I regretted all of the bad things I had said and done.  Now as I realize I really do not know it all, and that actually I am just starting to figure life out just a little.  It turns out that my dad was right about every piece of advice he ever gave.

Dad had unselfishly helped me so many times by giving his time, work and money (lots of money that no-one really knew about), The worse thing was how much I regretted getting into smoking pot when I was 14 years old and hanging out with a younger friend who had an older brother forever lying about where I was going and who I was with as I spent the night with my so-called friends.

I now know how my new "druggie" friends along with me simply took me and all of my spare time away from my family and especially took away the time on the Saturdays when I used to go with my dad and work on his cars, or just hang out with him fishing, golfing or just watching tv with him.  Those are things I would now pay a million dollars to do but I will never have a chance to now.

The drugs kept me away on and off for well over 20 years as I got into them deeper and deeper and when I hit bottom it was my mom and dad who were there and who gave me a place to live in their beautiful home.  My dad would take me to AA meetings until I somehow go better.

Looking back at the four so-called friends that I left my family to hang out with and do drugs when I was 14 it is interesting to note where they are now.  One of them committed suicide at 19.  Another overdosed in his early 30's shooting up.  Another has been in and out of jail since he quit school and the last one is now a functioning alcoholic who is three times divorced with two children he can never see.  It is a shame, he was always the smart one and funny one of the group and now he works a simpleton job, gets drunk, passes out and then goes to work at his minimum wage job leaving his trailor that happens to have the power tuned off about half the time.

My dad used to tell me, those kids are not helping you, they are using you!  They all came from poorer, broken homes and they did not respect authority and they would break the law.

I thought my dad was wrong for making such a general and critical statement about my so-called friends but he turned out to be 100% right.  He would me, "Son, you are better than that, you are a smart guy who can do anything in this life you want to do!"  I never really understood until I was able to get straight and backup and see what was really going on.  They may have been my friends in some ways but they sure did use my money a lot and stayed at my house a lot too. They always had my mom and grandmother taking me and my so-called friends to the mall or other places where we could go and get high and hang out.

I have finally pulled my life together enough to rebuild my marriage and have one baby since my dad passed. I was able to actually spend some decent time with my dad and mom for a few years and I gave them the best grand kids ever.

Finally I just wished I could have him how much he meant to me for being my dad and all of the many things he did for my own good. But there is no going back, so I beg you people...If you love or appreciate someone out there, you had better tell them ever so often how much you care about them or else.  You have been warned or as my pastor said...Never let the sun go down on an argument. 

Now, I said had a new son since that horrid phone call and now every time I hear that song, In the Living Years, by Mike and the Mechanics, I just weep  like a baby.  God, I wish I would not have cut my family off and wasted all of that precious time when I could been with them, I was just a gullible, silly 14 year old with his head up his rear who thought he was right and too cool for his dumb daddy.  Now I cry for my dad's advice in the middle of the night and I would give away all I have just to tell him I love him, just once!

Don't let a 14 or 15 year old leave you with the most messed up life you could ever have had.  My case proves it.  Four out of five of us, that is my drug buddies and I, destroyed their lives over decisions they made when they were young teens.  I was headed that way but my dad and mom were there to get me help when I got in too deep and they did not give up on me like some of the others did when I relapsed or failed at life again and again, until it worked.  Now I am alive and I want my dad...but in a way he still lives in me because without him I am probably dead.
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The disobedience of my parents is the regretful thing in my life. Parents are most of the times at right stance. We, with our little knowledge, don't get their point. I regret that I shouldn't act like the way I did at that time. Now I try to obey everything they say. I respect them and want to care them as much as I can for the rest of my life.
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Nothing. And I've made a lot of mistakes. Some very big that caused a lot of problems. But I would not have learned all the valuable lessons or be the person I am today. Something good comes out of the bad every time. Even if you don't see it right away. I believe life is a mix of fate and freewill.
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That guy, Ed Bryan. He was such a loser... " BUT I LUV HIM!!!" So stupid, Thank God- " He ain't my baby daddy!!" I don't have children because of that guy. He's living proof that you shouldn't sleep with the locals!!!
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I regret my first marriage I should have never married  him ,he is and was a low life piece of trash .....
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I regret not being mindful of the preciousness in every moment of my children's 'ordinary' moments as little ones. It feels like I missed really relishing so many of them, esp. When I look at a family video or back at pictures. When the time is gone, it can never be recovered. It has made me more aware of being truly present in the moment for them and for others I love.
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I regret not having the nerve to stand up to my mom and her stupid, abusive husband. I regret not sticking my middle finger in both of their faces and telling them to f*** off. I regret not telling someone about the abuse I endured my entire childhood. I regret protecting the very people who did NOT protect me.
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CalTex - Doug Morgan
That is horrible, but unfortunately it is a common theme among abused children. Hope you are, or have been, able to get past it. Not necessarily forgiveness. I am a firm believer that some people do not deserve forgiveness. But channeling that anger toward a positive goal.
Rath Keale
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I agree with CalTex. The best revenge for an abused child is to get more education than those parents, become more successful than them, live in a better house, have a wonderful spouse, take parenting lessons (your role models are garbage), and creat a truly loving home for your children. Let those abusive parents to catch glimpses of your better life, but don't serve them anything more than coffee -- no food. Don't eat with people you don't trust. My best wishes.
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I  regret coming to America!. I was fooled by the movies and lime lights, While I was living like a king in my country! I regret Learning Spanish. I felt I was compromising my self for Some who don't compromise sh8 (Learn English!).
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I screamed at my kids waaay too much when they were little. I wish I could have just lightened up a little back then instead of always trying to make everything "picture perfect".
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I did something that laid the blame on a friend. I had to tell her what I did or I would not have been able to live with myself. She never held it against me, but I have always regretted what I did. It's the only thing I've ever been ashamed of.
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I regret cheating on my ex boyfriend. I don't know why I did it. I think it's cause I felt like he was always forgetting me. I felt all alone but then one of my friends told me that he didn't deserve me and I deserved better. I regret not breaking up with him sooner. I hurt him so bad that I couldn't look at him for a month because I was so ashamed of myselve. Although I knew he wasn't right for me.
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My regret is lack of education, when I was young, I didnt think it was important, and I only had fun. But now it's too late, as time pass quick and such is the life.
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My one regret is not being the Father I could have been to my only son. His mother and I divorced when he was 7 and I left the state get get my life back on track. I visited him very, very often but not being there with him all of the time took from our relationship. I came back "into" his life when he was 17 and we have a good relationship now (he is 34). But something is missing. I love him dearly and now, during my time of illness, he is marvelous to me but still , something is missing. I just try to ebrace what we do have and it seems to work.

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I may not be that old, but I regret being basically a total nerd in 6th grade. It was tough to restore a good reputation of me. Plus other things I don't feel like mentioning.
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I definitely would have to say that it was giving my heart to a guy who dumped me a month later and hates my guts. I agree with the person who said that trusting someone is bad. It's only going to end up in hurt.
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I will say asking my bestfriends ex girlfriend if she wanted to be my girlfriend and the worst part is she said no and my bestfriend stop talking to me
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that must have been heartbreaking-- losing your best friend, and also the potential for the relationship with the girl.
CalTex - Doug Morgan
This is something I have never been able to wrap my head around. If one no longer has a relationship with a person, why should one care who forms a relationship with her -- even a friend.
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Probably punching a girl in the face and breaking her nose in high school.I got a month's detention for that and she never came back as she transferred somewhere else.Who knows,we could have become bff's.
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I too regret having premarital and unprotected sex. I was pressured into marriage and now am heading for a divorce for a marriage that never should have happened. I was young (early twenties) and had suffered great losses in my family- someone should have slapped me into good sense. I love my children and cannot regret them although I do regret that they were born into such a situation. I get angry at myself for bringing them into a world where they have to deal with divorce.

I also regret not having the guts to tell my best friend that I had feelings for him. I made myself believe that it would be better to make sure I did not hurt him by keeping the relationship platonic. I now realize we could have had a wonderful life together if I had just taken a chance. I have never met a person as wonderful as he is and I am amazed at the person he has grown into. If I ever have the opportunity, I will tell him how foolish I was.
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Hera Kalaydjian
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I hope you'll have the opportunity to talk to your best friend again diane..and i hope all goes well with your divorce and kids..i'm sorry..
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As a product of the 1960s, I regret internalizing the hippy mindset and eschewing all knowledge of personal finances.  My wife and I are both still wrestling with that issue as we enter retirement age, and the future looks bleak.  You young whippersnappers, please learn from our mistake.

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I regret for what I had done to a old man.He ask me some money for food,I can't help him because there is no money in my pocket but only a ATM card and there is no ATM centre nearby.Till I am feeling guilty about that.
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Letting my mom have my kids and not doing better by my kids love my kids I thought it was the best for them and it was not
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Uh once I hit my friend and called her stupid an I felt so bad about it
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Why do we always have to know everything?
I wish I wouldnt have waisted so much time trying to figure things out....
I believe there is strength and power in the ability to just say, "I don't know!"
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I regret meeting a person who won't leave me alone and promising him I won't leave him while he is coming of additions, now I am stuck with him and he stocks me he built a shrine to me, it is creepy and unhealthy
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GeTtinG MarRieD To a DeAdBeaT GuY, WhO CHeaTs, TrEaTs OTheRs bEttEr ThaN HIs OwN FAmilY, AnD BeaTs HIs KIds,The CouRT Still Let HIm seE thE kids..
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Eric Melrue
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Good luck on getting away from that idiot!
CalTex - Doug Morgan
Just wondering why the mix of caps and lower case. It was too hard to read.
Rath Keale
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It's so hard to read that I didn't really try past the first few words. There may be an important message there, but it just looks like child-speak to me.
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Trusted the wrong person or people ,looks like they have no intention to spare me
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I regret trusting my friends and keeping them so close, even closer than my family members. Now I realize that one should never ever completley trust others. It can do more harm than good.
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Robyn Rothman
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I disagree. But you have to know who to trust.
Hera Kalaydjian
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It's true..i've been like that with so many of my friends n i ended up getting kicked out of their house because i was so close to them. You should have close friends but you should know who he/she really is and what they're capable of..but most of all you should know that family comes first..
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Letting a guy I had a huge crush on years ago, back in our high school days get away.  He finds me on the internet and I see he is married now.  Ughhh!!!  :(

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