Do Marijuana Alternatives Actually Work?


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The marijuana alternative that I tried got me high just fine. I recently stopped smoking marijuana because of my kids. I tried k2 (which is totally legal) and got the same result if not a better one! It felt like it last longer and it wasnt heavy, also it actually seemed to allow me to focus more. I soon noticed though that it came with a very familiar side effect that marijuana would give me... The famous MUNCHIES! I got to smoke pink flowers, whats better than that?!
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No, there are all scams, if anyone tells you they work they either work for a marijuana alt. Company or have something to gain from it... Avoid that stuff like the plague.
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K2 herbal incense is awesome, BUT it's crucial to find the authentic stuff because there is a load of counterfeit out there. This website warns of a few knowns, so be careful...
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There are plenty of legitimate cannabis alternatives. My personal favorite is K2. It is an "incense" and provides a 30 minute-1.5 hour high when smoked. There is also salvia divinorum, which is not exactly like marijuana, but provides an intense two minute high.

My friends tell me bad things about "legal bud" websites, which are simply that, legal buds that do not get you very high. Instead, salvia and K2 are in legal grey-areas, where, they may be completely legal, but there are laws in the works to make them illegal. We've got to stay just one step ahead of the politicians!

Aicha obviously has no idea what she is talking about, because there is no nicotine in marijuana anyways.
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K-2 and all other legal marijuana substitutes should be banned as they will be in 3 months in Texas...I watched a video recently that the U.S. Government paid for the research, but the chemicals in these items were never meant for human consumption......
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There have been many alternative brands developed for Marijuana but they don't really work. They have a really funny taste and have weak nicotine content. So I suggest don't go for it. Also since Marijuana is banned and illegal why would you want to use it in the first place?
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Smoke blends are plain and simple. there ARE some perfectly legal Alternatives none of which I will mention here least they become popular and banned themselves as a result. Do your home work you'll find them ( . however even they do not come close to the desired result.

When you get tired of be treated like a ax-murderer for smoking a harmless plant. Join the battle to legalize and regulate it.

p.s. stay away from the hard stuff it makes us all look bad and can really f**k you up.

"since Marijuana is banned and illegal why would you want to use it in the first place?"
why do people drink alcohol? Eat fast food? Have sex? because in moderation it friggin kicks a*s that's why. who wants to get locked up for eating a cheese burger?
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Awesome response u5ername! Oh, and erowid rocks :)

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