What Does RDA Stand For On Food Labels?


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RDA is an acronym that stands for Recommended Daily Allowance.

The term is usually found on food packaging, where it is used to indicate how much of a certain substance is in a product. This amount is displayed as a percentage in comparison to the requirements of the average, healthy person.

What is RDA in terms of food? The RDA system is a nutritional information system that is the result of long-term research, and is constantly being reviewed.
The amounts displayed reflect an amount which is recognised to be adequate for 98% of the population (with the other two percent having particular dietary requirements that usually result from medical conditions).

The guidance levels also take into account any known ill-effects of high doses of nutrients, and the possibility that some vitamins and minerals may interfere with the absorption of others.

What are the benefits of the RDA information on nutritional labels? The  Recommended Daily Allowance system is commonly used on labels to give consumers an insight into the nutritional value of a product before they decide to purchase it. The label allows consumers to manage their dietary intake, and makes it easy to determine which products are safe to eat on a regular basis, and which are best eaten only occasionally.
RDA information can also help food manufacturers be clear about how they advertise food. For example, a food can only be advertised as being 'rich in Vitamin C' if it contains more than 15% of the RDA figure. So, an added benefit of the RDA system is that misleading advertising can be minimised.
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Recommended Daily Allowance.
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As the others have answered the recommended daily allowance or, as everyone knows it, the food pyramid.

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