A Person Is Warm Blooded Naturally, Sweating Regularly Including In The Winter.That Person Becomes Cold And Has Dry Skin. Why?


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There are different types of skins which exists, being a warm blooded person doesn't mean that the person is also having a naturally oily skin. Some people have dry skin as well.
The person who is sweating regularly even in the winter season is perfectly alright and it is the symbol of his good health. Now in winter, when air touches the perspired body of that person it makes it dry and due to that cold air the person gets dryness. It can be overcome by using some good lotions.
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Some diseases affect the autonomic nervous system, which are the nerves governing circulation and sweating amongst other things. Therefore if a person has such a disease, like MS, or badly controlled diabetes, these changes can occur. It should be brought to the attention of a neurologist.

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