I Suffer From Sleep Apnea, What Should I Do?


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Hi, perhaps you need a new sleep system or a complete Wellness Home. Please check out my web site. Our products are great and I am not just in this for the money. I find our product really give you a much healthier life. We have had countless testimonials from satisfied customers. We make no medical claims. Take care!
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Hi...I have suffered from sleep apnea too. Like you, I went to the first doctor and he recommended me to take pills, the second one recommended me to use CPAP machines. None of those methods works for me. Now I go to Dr. Elliott Alpher. His treatments is the best. That is the reason for I recommend you this doctor.
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First, you consult your doctor. Your doctor then will recommend treatment for you based on the severity of your Sleep Apnea. Treatment can range from surgery, the use of a CPAP machine, and other forms of therapy, like acupuncture, etc.

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