What Is The Definition For Proximodistal?


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This is a term which is used for the process of development of a baby's body inside the mother's uterus. It means that the baby's central body is developed first, and then the outer parts are developed.
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The proximodistal law of development, regardless of how we might want to apply it (such as to a baby's development) states that: Everything starts in the center, and works it's way outward. The universe is an example (Big Bang theory) or Chi, our spiritual inner self, starts inside us and must find expression. In assertiveness, everything we say to others is a reflection of our inner self. Everything in moderation, or balance, the central point being our spiritual beliefs or Chi. It's whats on the inside that counts. This is also the opposite type of reasoning found in teenagers, who believe that everything they need comes from an external source. Reverse that thinking and we find a different picture. Happiness comes from within, but so does psychosis. In the case of an alcoholic, if it's in him/her when they are sober, it will come out when they are drinking. In aboriginal culture, I must maintain a balance between my spiritual beliefs and my sense of connection to nature. I might have learned this from and external source, but I have internalized it. It now, starts in the center and works it's way outward. Think in terms of healthy ego-centrism. In unhealthy ego-centrism, the world revolves around me such that I am the center of attention. Healthy teens for example, will outgrow this 'centrism' and learn (eventually) to place others ahead of oneself. Consider those people who are self directed compared to those who are other-directed. Understanding Kohlberg's model of moral reasoning may be helpful in understanding how the proximodistal law of development works. If this all seems confusing, keep it simple. The Sun in the center, the planets revolve around it and like the universe, we humans tend to grow up and outward.

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