Blood Work - What Does RDW - 16.4 Mean? High. What Should The Level Be And How Do You Lower The Level?


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A high RDW reading of 16.4 could mean a number of things, included liver disease and anemia. This can be life threatening so if you are diagnosed as having a high RDW reading, you will need to ensure that you can lower it for the benefit of your health and to make sure that you are going to stay happy and healthy for many years. With the normal levels aiming to be around 10.2 to 11, you are very high and should therefore take all medical advice and have many tests run to see what is causing the high reading and how it can be treated.

Being able to treat the condition quickly and easily is very important. You can be sure that the treatment is going to be much more successful if you have caught the disease or condition early on in the process so it does not affect you too much. The later you leave it, the worse it is going to get. It is a simple concept that you will need to bear in mind when you are having a RDW test done.

You can easily lower the level by eating foods which have the vitamins and minerals in to ensure that the bloody cells can be at the right balance. Potassium is essential so you will need to ensure that you consume a lot of products that have the vitamin in. Foods such as bananas will produce the best results when you want to lower the RDW level. Make sure you have all of the tests done today so you can stop the condition from getting much worse.

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