How Long Are The Results Of A Tb Test Good For?


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Both answers missed what the person was asking...
Depending on what you need the TB test for will depend on how long your initial TB clearance is good for...
For example: Employees of food and schools only need one tb test and it's valid indefinitely. However employees' in hospitals, care homes, nursing homes, and adult day care centers need to receive a TB test each year.
You will need to check with your doctor to see which one yours applies to since it is due to medication...
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Until your circumstances change. Ie: If they are positive, well, they are always going to be that way. If they are negative, then your result will stay that way until you are exposed to tb.
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A Tb test is only good at the very moment you had the test taken. The cashier at the check out counter of the clinic you have the test at can have Tb, sneeze on you, and... BAM.. You have TB. You need to have the test between now and when you plan on starting the medication. I know it is no fun and you probably haven't been exposed to Tb, but better safe than sorry. Anyways, a positive test isn't the end of the world. It means you've been exposed to TB, but it doesn't mean you have it. If you test positive, then you would get a chest x-ray to see if you actually have a TB infection.

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