How Can You Tell If You Have Internal Bleeding?


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How did you know you were pregnant? Menstruation can stop for several reasons, not just pregnancy. Abortion of an intrauterine pregnancy does not usually cause internal haemorrhage but ectopic pregnancy could. It's best to see a physician because the possibilities are numerous. If you have a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, the last thing you should be doing is sitting up in front of a computer. You should look for someone to rush you to the Emergency Room. However, since you seem to be OK, you probably don't have internal bleeding.
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You should had an ultrasound and if needed you must had
D&C. There can be blood clots inside you. I suggest you to consult your doctor for check up.
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If you're sure the miscarriage was complete you'll probably be ok. You wouldn't be bleeding and not know it; it would come out. If the bleeding has stopped and you aren't in any pain your next period should be normal. If not see a doctor.

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