Where Can I Find Free Printable Doctor's Excuses?


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You may find it difficult to find a good free doctors note. There are some out there however they may be identified as fake easily and depending on what you are using it for may result in significant consequences.

Free doctor's note template One idea would be to have a look on Google images to find a representation or template of a doctor's note, and try to create a similar one of your own.
An example of a doctor's note template is as this.

Buying a fake doctor's note You can also buy doctor's notes which seem to be of much higher quality and would be much safer to use if you're planning to use illness as an excuse.
If you live in the United States, then ablibinetwork seems to be a popular place for getting printable doctors notes and also covers a lot more than that. You can browse what it has for offer here:ww.alibinetwork.com/join75.jsp
The contract they are offering is $75 a year and it gives you unlimited uses of their services. They do have a contact number for people calling from outside the US, but I am not sure what the charges will be. The ablibinetwork is highly rated on various websites I have looked at. If you live in the UK or US another good site for purchasing excuses would be www.doctorsnotestore.com/ You can get a lot of different styles of notes which would get you different amounts of time off work or school.

Things to watch out for When looking for the right doctor's note, I'd always recommend you be wary about what website's you give your personal information and details to. Make sure that the product on offer is worth the money you are going to have to part with.
Yes, a convincing doctor's note can be great for getting you off the hook at work, school, and getting out of playing sports, but be aware that getting caught out can have serious consequences in many cases.
When final thing I'd suggest is going to an actual doctor. You could try and fake an illness, or your doctor might even be sympathetic enough to write you a note if you explained the situation.
Whatever you do, good luck and be careful!

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