Vagina Yeast Infection Is A Nitemare. I Kept Havin Re-occuring Infections Every Month Despite Seeing Doctor And Using Anti Yeast Cream And The 1 Day Cure Tablet Insert!


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Cream, Darlin, start taking "Acidolphus' capsules asap and your yeast infection will clear up in a day or two. You will need to megadose on them for a couple days, like take 3 or 4 caps 3 times a day. The problem with yeast infections, vaginal, jock itch, etc happens because or too much bad bacteria in your colon. Acidolphus puts the correct kinds of good bacteria in your colon and your problem will cease, quickly. You can get it at any drug or Wal-Mart store.
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I don't believe what you have has anything to do with the broccoli.
It could be Chlamydia. Although chlamydia is considered a (very common) STD, that is not the only way you can get it.
I had it once and my doctor said it was because I was 'too clean' from using anti-bacterial soap... Down there.
Chlamydia is treated quite differently than yeast. It is treated with a round of antibiotics...(while antibiotics are helpful to yeast.)

If it is, in fact, yeast... You need to study about Candida Yeast. Do a google search on it.
Yeast does not only live...down there. It is in your body and you can have an overgrowth of yeast in your body. Especially if you've taken lots of antibiotics in the past. This would cause you to have reoccurring yeast infections.

If you continue to have these problems, and your doctor continues to say it's yeast, look up Grapefruit Seed Extract on Google. GSE is very helpful against yeast re occurrences. You can buy it on the internet or at just about any health food store.
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Hi I think you may have put your question twice if the yeast is not going away and you have tried medication I think the choices are either go back to your gp or look into your diet is there anything else could be making this worse take care
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It does not sound like a yeast infection. There are other things you can have that are similar, but cured in different ways.
I think you should visit your doctor or obgyn asap.
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No ive not encountere this problem before but if the weather is hot too or if your not driking enough then this wont have helped maybe you already had the yeast infection and brocolli cleansed you if it don't settle see your local nurse
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Use fragrance free pads. Only wear underwear with white crotch. Wash your underwear in fangrance free detergent and fabric softner. Bath with Ivory soap. Do not douch or use viginal cologne. Worked for me after suffering for years.

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