What Is The Average Length Of A Newborn Baby?


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The length of a new born baby is dependent on the weight and 'age' of the baby. Age is relevant because a premature baby is obviously going to be smaller than one born nine months after conception. Statistics show that a healthy new born baby will measure between 45 and 55 centimeters in the United States.

  • Height & weight

Most new born babies will come in at average size and weight which is fairly independent at birth on the sizes of their parents. The features and characteristics of the parents will begin to establish themselves in the first few years of life, but in general, most healthy new born babies will be quite similar in appearance.

A new born baby that is less than 45 centimeters is likely to be given extra support- if necessary in an incubator. Premature babies will be immediately placed in an incubator because their vital organs may not be full developed enough to survive on their own.

  • Incubator

Being placed in an incubator recreates much of the feeling of the womb and allows the baby to develop with full support to ensure that their heart and lungs are given extra support. With 24/7 support, the baby will be able to grow until it is able to survive on its own accord; rather than suffer any health issues.

  • Bone structure

The bone structure of a new born baby is very delicate and take years to form. It will take until infant hood for the bones to become robust enough to start wearing proper shoes; with the feet of a baby particularly important and needing protected. Children will grow and develop at different rates, it's only at birth that they will appear similar physically.
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The average length for a full-term infant usually ranges from 19 to 21 inches... But there's a very wide range based mainly on genetic factors.
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The average can vary on newborns, if you compare premies, they are going to be smaller than the normal birth size, and then there are the larger ones too.
But the average, healthy birth length is between 18-22 inches. Hope this helps.
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Well alexis skye was 24 and now she's 6'5
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My son was born 25 September 1983 and he was just over 27" long, weight 9lb10oz  the midwife was surprised and thought he was going to weigh at least 14lb to 15lb. 
He is now over 6'4"

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