My Boyfriend Told Me His Penis Was Burning After We Had Sex..we Both Checked And Neither One Of Us Have A Std But He Still Says It Burns..he Isnt Circumsized And He Found A Cut Underneath The Head Of His Penis..should We Be Worried Or Should We Wait?


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A advise your boyfriend to make up a solution of 1 cup white vinegar and half a cup of sea salt, do NOT use normal soap. Once he has made this solution he must lather his penis with it for at least 2 hours before repeating the entire process again every 4 hours for 7 days.

Peter Choon M.D.
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You can also add lemon juice to the solution, just a heaping tablespoon. It will heal faster.
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Anonymous answered took forever to get a response....but what is that solution going to do??? Wont that burn his cut even more?
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No it should help it heal very very fast the lemon and vinegar will seal the cut, and the saltwater will clean teh infection, a couple of chili seeds in the mixture will also clean and prevent any infection!
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May be that he is infected just go to check up once if that he may have a habit of homo sexuality
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Rosa Cardenas answered probably just means that whatever is inside your body was sharp enough to cut him...
Watch out killer!!
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Do not listen to that person down there I repeat do not listen
its obvious that will hurt like mad they have no idea what theyre on about
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XD its kind of weird for me to say but I'm not circumcised and yes we do get that quite a bit. It does burn allot but eventually it goes away by its self. I'm getting mine removed in 2 months I'm kind of scared but its going to give me a much better sex life. Tell your boyfriend that its not dead he can still use it even though it burns and if he can't take hard pleasure you going to have to get him a strap on.

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