How Soon Can You Drink Alcohol After Stopping Vicodin?


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Vicodin and other opioid derivatives have a very short half-life.If you are just going to drink a small amount, the effects of the pain reliever should be out of your system in 8 hours or so. If you plan on getting rip-roaring drunk, I'd wait for 24 hours in order to get a good nights rest after coming off the pain meds. The best advice I can give you is to err on the side of caution. Going another day without drinking is a WHOLE lot more pleasant than dying.

     Vicodin and other opioid's don't actually create a "poison"....the alcohol just actually intensifies the effect of the narcotic. There is no set increase per drink because so many factor's effect how alcohol and opioids effect an individual (age, health, body weight, length of use on the opioid and many others). The main cause of death from an overdose is suffocation. The opioid effects your involuntary reflexes and you literally just stop breathing...and no...that doesn't mean that if you "notice it", that you can just "inhale"....first of all, you will be unconscious and second of all ...well....there really doesn't NEED to be a second of all if you aren't conscious, now does there? Again.....erring on the side of caution is by FAR the best possible advice I could give you.

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