Is Laser Hair Removal Safe In Multiple Sclerosis Patients?


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I did a little research for you. First I looked into MS to find out why you were scared to do hair removal to begin with. I discovered that skin pigment has something to do with developing MS. Those with lighter skin are at higher risk. MS is less common around the equator.This indicates that Vit D and sunlight are deterrents from MS. Therefore these things are good for you. So UV radiation shouldn't be bad for you.

Unfortunately, heat does have a negative affect on MS, which is why tanning is a no no for MS patients. This is also why hot tubs and other heat related activities are are also not such a good idea. It isn't the UV radiation that is bad for MS, it is the heat. This is the conclusion that I have come up with.

You can get Laser hair removal without much heat now. Many lasers in the past generated a lot of heat and would cause blistering or other heat related damage. If you talk with the hair removal doctor and make sure you have an Intense Pulse Laser (IPL) with the built in cooling and also request a chilled roller to roll on the skin's surface before treatment, I doubt the laser will generate enough heat to cause damage. Not only will the chilled roller cool your skin and help with MS, but it also reduces the pain from the laser hair treatment.

I am not a doctor though and my opinion shouldn't hold much weight. You should definitely run this concept by a Doctor before you proceed. I think if you take the right precautions, your chances of causing MS damage to the myelin sheaths are very low, but then again this is up for debate. I suggest if you do go through with it, you make sure you give yourself time to discover the outcome of a treatment.

You have to understand that I didn't find a direct source for someone testing or doing this, so I'm working with indirect data. I don't want you taking my post as a Yes, everything is safe. I don't know that. I'm making a judgement call. If I had MS and I discovered this information, I would risk it, but that is me. I take crazy risks a lot.

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