What Does "Vertebral Flow Is Antegrade Bilaterally." Mean? Relating To Bilateral Carotid Artery Ultrasound.


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Vertebral flow in ante grade bilaterally means that the blood is flowing directly in the direction of the brain via carotid blood vessels.

Basically, intellectual nourishment and oxygen are channelled to the brain by numerous arteries. These blood vessels are found on the surface of the brain and deep inside the brain. The blood reaches the brain through the perforations in the skull known as foramina.

Despite the fact that the human brain comprises of only two percent of the total body mass, it requires approximately fifteen to twenty percent of the body's entire blood supply. It is because the brain cells will die if they do not get the appropriate amount of oxygen, which is supplied through the blood vessels along with the blood.

In the human body, the brain has the highest precedence when it comes to the blood supply.  It is so because the blood provides many essential substances that are crucial for the brain to operate in the right way.

The blood is delivered to the brain through two pairs of blood vessels. They are known as internal carotid arteries and vertebral arteries.

Through profound research, it has been discovered that the pair of vertebral arteries, i.e. Left and right vessels, join together to shape a single artery called basilar artery.

The basilar artery then connects the blood supply of the inner carotid arteries in the form of a circle at the bottom of the brain. This circle of vessels is known as Circle of Willis.

This Circle of Willis offers a protection mechanism to our body. Therefore, if one of the blood vessels gets choked up, yet the 'circle' will supply the blood to the human brain.

Nonetheless, sometimes it also happens that the blood supply to the brain gets blocked up completely. In such situations, a stroke or a brain attack occurs.

This could cause serious damage to the human body as they could get paralysis or aphasia. The two causes behind the brain attack could be occlusion of an artery or haemorrhage of a vessel.

In the case mentioned in the question, the flow of blood is completely normal and no symptoms of harm could be witnessed. However, it is strongly advised that the patient should seek medical attention in order to gain the complete knowledge.
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"Anterograde flow bilaterally means that blood is flowing towards the brain through both carotid arteries.  As there are connecting arteries at the base of the brain between the carotid arteries and the vertebral arteries called the Circle of Willis,
if one carotid artery is blocked, then blood can flow backwards
(retrograde flow) down that artery through those bypass vessels to feed that side."

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If my carotid doppler and duplex fails to reveal any evidence of hemodynamically significant disease in my left and right internal carotid arteries should I worry about anything?

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