Is Fresh Red Blood In Stool A Symptom Of Sever Ulcer? Or Is Fresh Red Blood In Stool Together With Pale Coloured Stool A Symptom Of Jaundice?


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New red blood on stool means you're maybe bleeding in your small intestine or your rectal. This is serious and you need to go to a doctor. If there's black around the stool it indicates that your stomach or big intestine is bleeding and the blood is already digested. Either way it's important to go get check.
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This could be c-diff call your dr. Right away it needs to be treated with antibiotics.c diff is an infection in the colon an it is very painful. and is very contagious. You need to take in a stool sample into the dr and have him check it.
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What is c-diff?
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c diff is an infection in the colon and is painful you need antibiotics to get rid of this I have it too and I have to make sure to wash down the torlit everytime I use it and wash my clothes in hot water. Same with the dishes do not let anyone drink after you as they can catch this very easily you must see a dr asap!!!!!Keep in mind some people don't get rid of this but can be controlled with meds.but PLEASE go get it checked out you must take precaution with this.good luck and take care.

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