Can You Get Blood Poisoning From A Chigger Bite? Mine Are Dark And Warm. How Can I Take Care Of This Without Going To My Doctor?


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I am going to say no, not from one. When I was young ,they would get me like crazy,head to toe. The biggest count I remember my mom getting was 173! Miserable ! We always put clear fingernail polish on the bites,as they actually bury themselves in the skin.The polish suffocates them so they don't itch. We we're always outside and I was always eaten up. I don't think you  have anything to worry about.. Choke them out!!
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The chiggers don't actually bury into your skin. But chiggers don't even really bite you in the traditional sense, like a mosquito does. Instead, they attach themselves to your skin, inject saliva with digestive enzymes that helps to break down your skin cells, which the chigger drinks. It is these enzymes that cause the itchy rash.

Although chiggers can stay attached to your skin for several days and continue eating, they are very easily brushed off and are usually knocked off once you begin t
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Have you tried calling the doctor.  There is usually an on call doctor.  Or try calling a pharmacy and talk to a pharmacist.  Do you know of any nurses in your neighborhood you can ask?  If benadryil is not helping and it is spreading you may just have to go get seen at the ER.  You don't want it to spread and have something bad happen.  Drink plenty of fluids.  I suggest no matter how bad you don't want to go, go anyways for your safety and get checked out.  Good luck, take care.
Most places and people can't give advice over the phone either.  Because if something happens they don't want to be sued and held liable.

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